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We would like to invite everybody to discuss, to share knowledge and to use our scalable and powerful integration solutions. The community membership and all trial versions but even some product full versions are and will always be free of charge.

State of the art technologies, now and in the future.

CodeWrights offers products and services around the topic device integration and management since 2002. We are actively developing the different technologies such as FDT, FDI, EDDL and are also member of the FieldComm Group, FDT Group and PROFIBUS International. This allows us to reflect the feedback and the needs of our customers into those technologies.

Generic or tailored solutions, your choice.

Products like iDTM (interpreter DTM solution for use of EDDs or FDI Device Packages in FDT frame applications) or our Communication DTM offer shows a generic, simple but also powerful way to deal with the device integration challenge. High quality solutions, attractive prizes and low maintenance costs.

We also offer a number of services around the individual development of EDDs, FDI Device Packages or DTMs (FDT1.2, FDT2), development tools (e.g. generators). You would simply like to extend existing solutions or to check and certify something that has been completed already? CodeWrights is your partner for such developments. We use agile software development methods for maximum efficiency, transparency and cost control during the development process.

Long term relationships, complete and reliable solutions – That’s the CodeWrights way.

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