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    Zoltán Pék

    Our company is a representative of the Krohne, and I’m a service man, so I was downloaded and installed the Pactware which contains this DTM from the Krohne website. It worked correctly for a longer time, but now I get the attached error. Its version is 1.0.52, but I have downloaded and installed the latest from this site, and got the same error message also.
    I would like to use the Pactware 5, but I have already tried with 4.1 and 3.6 also with the same result.
    I tried to download and install the Pactware from a different source but it is the same. And I did not have any problem for a while…

    Do you have any idea what can be the reason of it, and how can I fix it?

    My PC is an Acer Aspire E15 (E5-575G-36VF) running Windows 10 Pro.

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    Thomas Debes

    Hi Zoltan, normally the CommDTM should work as expected. It doesn’t matter which Pactware you use. We provide a Pactware Bundle on this website which includes Pactware 5, our iDTM-FDI and the FDT2 version of our CommDTM. You could try to uninstall the existing software and install this bundle instead. If everything works fine just install the FDT1.2 CommDTM again. Another thing you can do is running Pactware as Administrator. This eliminates potential errors due to insufficient user access rights. Regards Thomas


    Zoltán Pék

    Thank you, Thomas!
    I already tried to install this Pactware also, but it didn’t help.
    But the ‘run as administrator’ works.
    This all happened after the installing of the september update of the Win10. So something had to be changed in the Windows with this update, because I have code 52 error for some USB device since that time also. (I know how to work-around…)


    Thomas Debes

    Hi Zoltán, thanks for the update. I put this on our internal list for our test team to have a look on it. Best regards, Thomas

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