Confusing: Different technologies

The device integration, the parameterization and the management of field devices can be achieved with different software products. Each of these products follows a different industry standard and has defined pros and cons. Those technologies are currently avaiable:

  • EDD (Electronic Device Description)
  • FDT/DTM (Device Type Manager)
  • FDI Packages (Field Device Integration)

The system and tool vendors usually decide to support a single integration technology. This forces the device manufacturer to develop and maintain integration products for all technologies available on the market place. This involves high costs. Furthermore the end user is in the situation to deal with the different integration technologies and to choose the ‘right’ one for his installation. Finally the system and tool vendor has to ensure that the high number of different integration software products works reliable in his own product on site. During the complete plant lifecycle.

These are challenges increasing the costs for device integration and management drastically – for all involved parties. It is therefore time to connect the worlds and to create software adapters to decrease the number of integration products.

iDTM-FDI is the FDI Adapter for every FDT frame application

With the already successful and proven iDTM-EDD available EDDs can be reused in FDT frame applications. And now, with iDTM-FDI this is finally also possible for FDI Packages.

For the first time, the end users are able to self integrate  FDI Device Packages of his choice in iDTM-FDI which perfectly operates in existing FDT infrastructures. The device manufacturer simply activates his devices types online. Finally the system and tool vendor ensures interoperability of iDTM and his FDT frame through frequent tests CodeWrights performs with iDTM.

iDTM-FDI can be loaded separately or combined as part of a convenient solution bundle including HART CommDTM (FDT2) and PACTware. Give it a try now.

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