iDTM-FDI (Base)


Be an early bird and be the first to use FDI Device Packages in your FDT2 Frame application. The first version of iDTM-FDI available for download now.

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Product Details

The iDTM-FDI (Base) is the first release of the FDT2 based version of iDTM-FDI including the iDTM Manager application that allows you to manage your FDI Device Packages.

End users simply install iDTM-FDI and use FDI Device Packages for free in available FDT infrastructures. If the necessary device type (and the corresponding Device Package not yet activated by the device manufacturer a so called Wildcard License can be used to work with the device.

Device manufacturers can use iDTM-FDI for free to accompany the FDI Device Package or even the firmware development of the field device. In addition the FDT integration can be easily achieved by purchasing a Device Type License and the Activation of the respective device type for iDTM-FDI here on

The current state allows communication with HART devices.