Interoperability Partnership (iDTM-FDI service)

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System or Tool vendors would like to make sure that iDTM-FDI perfectly works with a specific FDT Frame. The use of common software components and the certification of the iDTM solution is a cornerstone for interoperability, a dedicated test in FDT frames is another one. The Interoperabililty Partnership ensures the dedicated test of iDTM-FDI with the Release of a new Versiion of iDTM or the registered tool. For purchase a confirmed Interoperability Partner account is required.

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Product Details

Please note: A Interoperability Partnership has to be contracted for different tools and their generations.

  • Subscription license (2 years basic term automatically extended for one year afterwards)
  • Maximum 4 test cycles per year with the registered FDT Frame
  • Host visibility in public list can be set by Interoperability Partner